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We need our cars to get from point A to point B in our everyday lives. Therefore, we need to make sure our vehicle is functioning properly. Tires are an essential part to the car; without every tire functioning properly, the car can’t get you moving. This is why maintaining your car’s tires are just as important as looking after any other part of the car.

Here at our tire shop, we’ll give you the best options for new and used tires and rims.
People often forget to check their air pressure and that can cause flat tires when least expected. If tires are not properly inflated, they are more likely to take damage out on the road. Not all asphalt is smooth, meaning uneven ditches in the road could give your tires some major problems. Likewise, if you have too much air in your tires it can lead to a blowout. These kinds of situations result with an unhappy driver.

For a safe and stable journey, your tires need to be aligned and balanced properly. We offer tire balancing to ensure that your car is in perfect driving condition without misalignment with the axle. Moreover, we service tire rotation and mounting to keep up with your vehicles maintenance. Not only does this service assist with the longevity of your tire’s life span, but it ensures the safety of you and your vehicle. If you happen to experience a mishap such as a blowout or flat tire, bring your car to our shop and we will administer a quick tire repair to get your car back in shape ready to hit the roads once again.

Our tire shop is second to none when it comes to exceptional service. Each member of our expert staff aims to provide you with first-rate assistance for unbeatable prices.For more information on our tire and rim service, contact Castle Tire Shop in Winchester, MA today. It’s time to get the best care for your car.


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